#DeplorableHillary: Secretary @HillaryClinton Owes Lynda Armstrong A Written Apology

Recently, Hillary Clinton called Trump supporters a “Basket of Deplorables.

The video below shows an occupant of Hillary Clinton’s “Basket of Deplorables“. Hillary should watch this video and re-apologize for the foul Un-American comment she made about normal, everyday, Americans.

I’ve always wanted to meet Lynda Armstrong. Now I want to meet her even more. And give her a big hug.

Many of us know Armstrong for the tireless support, and activism, she has done for Governor Sarah Palin (and now for Donald J. Trump) over the years. Check out this video below and see another side of Lynda. A very selfless and caring side.

We love you MORE Lynda Armstrong!

This video of Lynda Armstrong makes Crooked Hillary Clinton’s “Basket of Deplorables” comment even more disgusting. Shame on Hillary Clinton. What a horrible, disgusting “woman” Hillary is. Lynda deserves a written apology from the old witch.


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