VIDEO: #PepeTheFrog Defends Himself From Crazy Old Lady @HillaryClinton RAAACIST Accusations

In the video below, Pepe The Frog defends his honor against the crazy old lady who yells at green cartoon frogs instead of yelling at terrorists who want to kill Americans.


As we reported the other day a paranoid crazy old lady yelled at a green cartoon frog.

Shouldn’t the paranoid crazy old lady be yelling at ISIS for continuing to kill Americans on our own soil?


The crazy old lady (otherwise known as Hillary Clinton) has attacked Pepe The Frog with multiple accusations of RAAACISM.

via Breitbart:

The Clinton campaign has claimed that a cartoon frog used in an Internet meme is in fact a symbol for “white supremacy,” in response to an image of Pepe the Frog shared by Donald Trump’s son.

What’s wrong with paranoid Hillary Clinton?

Aren’t there more important things to talk about in presidential campaigns than green cartoon frogs?

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