Democrat Lawmakers Heap Praise Upon FBI Director James Comey

October 31, 2016 • iizthatiiz




It seems like only yesterday that Democrat leadership lavished deep and unending praise on FBI Director James Comey.

Nothing but the kindest of words in the wake of Comey’s decision last summer to refrain from prosecuting Hillary Clinton for sending, receiving, and storing classified documents on her insecure, private email server.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said, “This is a great man. We are very privileged in our country to have him be the director of the FBI.”

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid purred that, “No one can question the integrity, the competence” of the FBI director.

Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine proudly said of Comey,  “he’s somebody with the highest standards of integrity.”

But something happened last Friday. Their man of integrity informed Congressional leadership that new evidence had come to light regarding the Clinton email scandal. Evidence that the FBI was obligated to review.

And how did these legislative pillars of Democracy react? In a vicious pack they all leapt to the airwaves, teeth bared, snarling venomous words, all aimed to destroy the reputation of a man they had never once questioned. Senator Reid has publicly gone as far to accuse Comey of breaking the law.

In Washington DC, your prototypical Democratic lawmaker is always willing to wear their hypocrisy on their sleeve, while plunging their dishonest knives into any bearer of bad news.

Fortunately, DC is a swamp. Plenty of boggy places for two-faced Democrats to bury a body.


Watch as Democrat after Democrat gush over FBI Director James Comey:






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