Does #LGBTQ Know Hillary Clinton Used #BigPharma To Keep #AIDS Drugs Priced High?

Hillary Clinton is a nasty woman. She’s a nasty woman living in a house of filth. She knows nothing about good house-keeping. Hillary’s fraudulent feminist doctrine dictates that it is sexist for a woman to know anything about good house-keeping.

One of the most particularly unkempt rooms in Hillary Clinton’s house of filth is called The Clinton Foundation. The laundry list of beastly con games Hillary is involved with is stinky and deep. Today we’ll focus on one corner of the particularly unkempt room in Hillary Clinton’s house of filth. Actually, we’ll focus on the cruel activities that transpire in the corner of this unkempt room hidden deep within Hillary Clinton’s house of filth.

By using her (pretend) humanitarian foundation this nasty woman made crooked deals with Big Pharma to keep the prices of AIDS drugs high in America. It gets worse. This nasty woman also made crooked deals with Big Pharma to keep cheaper generic versions of AIDS drugs out of America.

Check this out.

18. Clinton Foundation schemed with Big Pharma to keep the price of AIDS drugs high in America and cheaper generic versions out

“Since President Clinton’s comments were made, we have been contacted by a number of advocacy groups who are now intending to wage a public campaign to bring in generics and lower drug prices. We do not feel we can participate in this without jeopardizing our work around the world. We cannot oppose what they might do, but we also cannot be publicly supporting it either.”

“we think that publicly pressuring the US and European AIDS drug companies to lower prices and bringing pressure to allow generic AIDS drugs into the United States will have limited if any success and could seriously jeopardize our negotiations to continually lower prices in poor countries… We have always told the drug companies that we would not pressure them”

“We have always told the drug companies that we would not pressure them and create a slippery slope where prices they negotiate with us for poor countries would inevitably lead to similar prices in rich countries.”

“we suggest that we approach the innovator companies that can currently sell products in the US with the idea of making donations to help clear the ADAP lists.”

“the companies will likely favor a donation approach rather than one that erodes prices across the board. I would guess that they would also likely favor a solution that involved their drugs rather than an approach that allowed generic drugs from India to flood the US market at low prices or one that set a precedent of waiving patent laws on drugs.”

When the Clintons are questioned about the obvious sketchiness of their foundation, they routinely cite AIDS work. But the AIDS work is carried out by CHAI (“Clinton Health Access Initiative”), a separate organization.

CHAI freely admits there is an implicit agreement with the drug companies not to pressure them to lower domestic prices. Bill Clinton made comments that added pressure. CHAI receives a great amount of positive publicity for their AIDS work abroad, and the comments jeopardize that program. Here, CHAI admits it is in their interests for U.S. AIDS drug prices to remain high, so that they can continue getting credit for keeping them low abroad.

But CHAI is not content with simply fleecing American AIDS sufferers. Since CHAI doesn’t want pressure on Pharma companies to linger, they propose to torpedo other AIDS advocacy groups by creating a smaller, watered-down domestic program with the Pharma companies before those other advocacy groups begin their assault in January.

The Clintons are only out for themselves. In comments on World AIDS day in the subsequent years of 2012 and 2013, Bill says nothing whatsoever about domestic drug prices. If AIDS advocacy groups cannot trust the Clintons not to stab them in the back, how can the American people?

Also remember, the Clinton foundation only donates 5.6% of their earnings to charity, despite Hillary knowingly and blatantly lying to the American people by claiming they donated 90% at the last debate, but she is counting on you to not do research, and her mainstream media to not report it.


In 2008 Michelle Obama was out on the campaign trail for her husband, then Senator Barack Obama, talking about the bad house-keeping of Hillary Clinton. Mrs. Obama spoke out very aggressively about Hillary Clinton’s house of filth.

If You Can’t Run Your Own House, You Can’t Run The White House!

– Michelle Obama

We couldn’t agree more with Michelle Obama.





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