Governor Palin receives a “hilarious” offer from the Washington Post



Governor Palin posted on Facebook:


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Media mocks Trump’s “rigged election” warning to its own peril.

More evidence in my inbox, this time from the Washington Post requesting I write an op-ed commemorating their coronation of Hillary – 10 days from now. This is hilarious!

Good ol’ reliable WaPo – continuing its embarrassing fail that’s reminiscent of their forced correction after irresponsibly, absurdly claiming I joined Al Jazera…; announcing to the world their goal was to not mention my name in print for an entire month (oh, what a blessed month that was!)…/washington-post-columnist-breaks…/; and relentlessly suggesting my (and other Conservatives) irrelevancy in national discourse – assuming I’d participate in their in-the-tank shenanigans for the Globalists.

No, Mr. WaPo Editor, can’t say I’m interested in writing for you. But I’d love a copy of your pre-printed post-election edition shipped to me in Alaska. Your bold “Clinton Defeats Trump” headline will be framed right next to another old rag we’re all familiar with…








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