Sarah Palin: Huge New Oil Find in Alaska – Drill Baby Drill!

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Drill Baby Drill!

Huge oil find; huge potential for America’s steps towards energy independence. It is imperative we responsibly develop our God-given natural resources, and a find like this spurs the progress our economy and security measures so desperately need.

America doesn’t get the full picture from the media re our need and potential for safe, sustainable oil development.…/to-kill-a-pipeline-or-two-the-sad…/…

We need to hear from those in industry, especially men and women in the field with boots on the ground actually doing the development, witnessing the ramifications of politicians’ decisions affecting energy development. And we need to do our own homework on energy needs – how this impacts American jobs, the price of EVERYTHING, our unfortunate present reliance on OPEC’s dictates, and our unnecessary bowing to other oil nations that will own us if we don’t aggressively, responsibly develop what’s right underfoot.

We have the resources. We have the ingenuity. We have the land. Most importantly, we have the ready manpower.

Keep your fingers crossed for this Alaskan oilfield find; support pro-energy decision makers; and/or, pray this:
2 Chronicles 7:14 !

Sarah Palin


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Alaska’s 10 Billion Barrel Oil Discovery: What You Need To Know

October 6, 2016

Alaska’s beleaguered oil industry has finally found a lifeline. A small but very successful energy exploration company, Caelus Energy LLC, announced its discovery of a new oil field on Alaska’s North Slope.

What does the company say about its latest discovery?

The field is located in Smith Bay, an area 300 miles north of the Arctic Circle near Alaska’s northernmost city, Barrow. Caelus claims the field holds 6 billion barrels of oil and when combined with an adjacent field could contain more than 10 billion barrels. (Read More)


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