Sarah Palin: Mighty Oaks provides shocking reason to take a stand in this election

Governor Palin posted on Facebook:


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via Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs:



The work I am privileged to do at Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs allows me to see the heart of our Military Warriors, understand why they served, and what the cost of freedom means to them.  I think it is fair to say that the right to vote and take part in the process of who will be our next President, and who will represent the US Congress and Senate, are rights and privileges we are not only afforded through the sacrifices of our heroes but should feel obligated to participate in.

My view on why voting is such a significant privilege is based on many life experiences, but none more important than the lessons I learned Afghanistan.  November 2nd of 2004 was a life-changing moment for me.

As part of a Joint Special Operations Task Force in Afghanistan … (read more)