VIDEO: Democrat Filmmaker Michael Moore Says TRUMP Should Win And Will Win


It’s time to unite the country. There is only one man for the job. HINT: It’s not Hillary Clinton.

This election isn’t about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. This election is about WE THE PEOPLE taking our country back from the permanent political class who are raping our country.

It is the permanent political class who created the mess we find ourselves in today. How could anyone believe that a member of the permanent political class could, or even WOULD, fix it?

The status quo likes things just how they are.

Donald Trump’s campaign slogan is MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. The slogan is self explanatory. It’s working. It’s working across the aisle. It’s working across all demographics.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign slogan is STRONGER TOGETHER. Whatever that means. Unfortunately for Hillary, and her Democrats, it’s not strong enough. Hillary Clinton has failed to convince one of the most high profile politically active private citizens of the Democrat party that she will fix our country.

Michael Moore is one of the Democrats favorite filmmakers. Mr. Moore endorsed Barack Obama, and has won many awards for his liberal leaning political documentary films. For many liberals, Michael Moore is considered the gold standard of their political ideology.

But something is in the air. The video below proves that we nominated the right man to fix the country, and to unite the country. Hold on to your hats gals and guys. This is a whopper.

We should warn you that Mr. Moore uses some naughty words in the video below. We recommend that children below the age of 17 or 18 not be in the room when you watch this game changing video.

In the video, Mr. Moore articulates the ENOUGH IS ENOUGH mood of the American electorate with a rare combination of absolute perfection and four letter words.

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