Breaking: Palin Wins Presidency


After Ronald Reagan’s election, George Will wrote about Barry Goldwater:

“”We…who voted for him in 1964 believe he won, it just took 16 years to count the votes”

Well…perhaps Donald Trump’s election victory reveals a similar truth about 2008:

Palin won, it just took 8 years to count the votes

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The American Thinker certainly thinks so!



Breaking: Palin wins presidency

November 10, 2016

By Douglas Herz

The roots of Donald Trump’s historic presidential victory go back eight years to the 2008 presidential contest and the V.P. candidacy of Sarah Palin.  Palin, or more properly Palinism, had many of the same characteristics as the Trump ascendancy: a robust patriotic populism driven by intense love of country and rejection of big-government internationalism embodied by Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton.  Palinism also introduced Americans to the political struggle not as Left vs. Right, but as Country Class vs. Ruling Class, Bluebloods vs. Commoners, Ivy League vs. College of Hard Knocks, Urban Elite vs. Middle and Rural Working Class.

In this respect, then, Sarah Palin was the pioneer, with the arrows in her back to prove it, who enabled Donald Trump’s amazing success.

This is not to take anything away from The Donald …


Donald Trump won a historic victory on November 8, yes, but the person who above all made it possible was Sarah Palin. (Read More)


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