Ann Coulter on Trump’s Victory

November 14th, 2016 • iizthatiiz

Columnist, author, and conservative pundit Ann Coulter sat for an extended interview with Canadian Broadcasting in the wake of Republican candidate Donald Trump’s election victory.


Ann Coulter was an early, and confident supporter of Trump’s presidential bid. A stance that she took based upon Trump’s unique positions regarding illegal immigration, an issue she held to be of tremendous importance.

Asked what prognosticators missed about this election, Coulter blithely responded, “Can we think about Americans for a little while?”, an intentional push-back against media narratives that focused constantly upon the needs of outsiders who have flooded into the United States. “We’ve been thinking about the poor illegal aliens, and the poor Muslim refugees who aren’t living in this country. Well, what about the people already here?”

Coulter pointed toward a “pent up rage at both political parties who have been serving the donors and the plutocrats who want lots of low wage immigration, because they want the cheap labor, and the Democrats who want the votes”, as forces that propelled Trump’s candidacy.

“I saw it coming”, Coulter said, explaining that she had been begging with Republican politicians for a long time to take up these issues. “Luckily, I didn’t have to do any begging with the great Donald Trump.”


Coulter had much more to say in this interview with the CBC’s Peter Mansbridge:



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