Bill And Hillary And Huma And Weiner


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We the people all know we are living under a rigged system. One of the best things about this election cycle is that masks are dropping off members of the establishment and the permanent political class on a daily basis. Now we know whose side they are on.

By protecting Hillary Clinton, they are protecting themselves, their titles, their perks, and their purses. It’s crystal clear that Hillary Clinton is being protected by the status quo. We saw this on full display last night when a miracle occurred.

via The Free Thought Project:

In just 691,000 seconds from announcement to conclusion, FBI Director James Comey wants you to believe agents thoroughly examined over 650,000 emails newly ‘discovered’ on Anthony Weiner’s computer — including any threads resulting, as well as all attachments — before deciding Clinton innocent of wrongdoing.

The FBI is apparently capable of conjuring miracles: 650,000 emails were examined in a mere 691,000 seconds! Wow. Alert the Pentagon. James Comey has magical powers that could really be put to good use in the military!

Nah. There are other names for Comey’s magical powers. Names like Rigged System. Names like Status quo. Names like the Permanent Political Establishment. Hillary Clinton is being protected by people who like things just the way they are. This is why on Tuesday, November 8th we must DRAIN THE SWAMP.

Hillary Clinton is guilty as sin. So is Bill. So is Huma. So is Mr. Weiner. You know it. I know it. America knows it. Even the media knows it. But, once again, the complicit media will work double time to carry Hillary’s crap bucket. The media will now falsely report that “Hillary Clinton is innocent of all accusations against her”.

But the truth is – she isn’t.

Reince Preibus was quick to jump in on Comey’s miracle:

“The FBI’s findings from its criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton’s secret email server were a damning and unprecedented indictment of her judgment. The FBI found evidence Clinton broke the law, that she placed highly classified national security information at risk and repeatedly lied to the American people about her reckless conduct. None of this changes the fact that the FBI continues to investigate the Clinton Foundation for corruption involving her tenure as secretary of state. Hillary Clinton should never be president.”

Hillary Clinton still has big FBI investigation problems. Unfortunately, the complicit media will not report things the way they are.

via John Hayward:

The Clinton Foundation Probe: We’ve learned an FBI probe of the Clinton Foundation for possible financial crimes and influence peddling has been in progress for over a year. As the Wall Street Journal put it, some of the investigators were “frustrated” because FBI leadership seemed “uninterested in probing the charity.”

This is an investigation that could rope in a lot of people in Clinton’s inner circle, besides Hillary and Bill Clinton themselves. Abedin is a player, and so is Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, and another key aide, Philippe Reines. Bill Clinton’s old “body man” Doug Band – basically the Littlefinger of Bill Clinton’s financial empire, for you Game of Thrones fans – and even Chelsea Clinton could end up answering some tough questions.

Much will depend on whether the Clinton Foundation is scrutinized in isolation, or whether charges of influence peddling are pursued, at which point Hillary Clinton’s entire retinue from her days in the Senate and State Department would have reason to feel nervous.

The Podesta Brothers: Most of those WikiLeaks bombshells the Clinton media is ignoring with such furious intensity are to, from, or copied to John Podesta, the CEO of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and probably the most powerful figure in Clintonworld not named “Clinton.”

There is no reason to believe that the politicized FBI, under it’s current leadership, will bring any justice with these investigations either. They can’t. They take their marching orders from the status quo.

This means it is our duty to deliver justice. Tuesday. At the ballot box.




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