Dear @HillaryClinton … (An Open Letter From A Real Future Female Leader)

Below are some excerpts from an open letter written to Secretary Hillary Clinton from an anonymous young woman.

Read the whole letter is HERE

I really hope you do not become the first female president.

I write this not because I am some crazy, right-wing, anti-feminist conspirator; I hope you are not our first female president because it would be a disgrace to that title and a disgrace to all of the young women in our country who aspire to actually do some good for our nation.

Many people believe you are the best candidate for the position because you have been doing this political thing for a while—but when was the last time that you were able to relate to the common American?

You grew up in the rich white suburbs of Chicago as a young child and attended Yale. You then went on to ride Bill’s coattails all the way to your Senate seat as a former First Lady. Any true feminist would look at you and see that you are a fraud.

You get on your soapbox and claim that every woman who is a victim of sexual assault should be heard—but what about Juanita Broaddrick? Carolyn Moffet? Paula Corbin? Sara Allen-James? Christy Zercher? Kathleen Willey? Monica Lewinsky? All women who were sexually harassed or exploited by your husband.

If you were as independent as you portray yourself to be, why didn’t you just leave Bill? Because you needed his political access to get your foot in the door.

All of that aside, the sheer fact that you allowed four Americans to perish in Benghazi and then proceeded to later ask, “what difference does it make?” proves to me that you don’t care about American lives. Those were four American men who died. Four families in our country that suffered a loss. Four mothers that had to bury their sons.

“What difference does it make?”

Not to mention you want to allow all of these refugees in. Don’t get me wrong: I am a humanitarian. However, I, as an American citizen, am guaranteed safety as well as the safety of my future children and grandchildren in the Preamble of the Constitution of the United States.

We like this future female leader!

The one thing, if nothing else, that you as someone running for President of the United States should uphold. I understand that we should help people, but at the end of the day, would Syria do the same for us? In our time of crisis it is our job first and foremost, and yours, to ensure our own citizen’s safety.

You use your platform of charitable humanitarian but now we are learning the extent to which your foundation is a fraud. It’s nothing but a money-laundering business that you can catch a tax break from.

Which, by the way, is a wee bit illegal.

The young woman continues.

Your daughter is, too. Your daughter married a former investor for Goldman Sachs. Your family managed to help spend some odd $3 million on their wedding. Wonder where that money really came from.

You claim to be a friend of the black community and that you’re going to help bring them out of poverty. Look around! You are a part of the administration that has left them where they are and you have no intentions of changing that. You want control. Your mentor Saul Alinsky taught you that.

You don’t know any struggle or strife. You are the epitome of “white privilege.” You traipse around in heinous $12,000 suits and preach about how you are for the people—how you are going to pull them out of poverty as you attend events where you give 20-minute speeches to the tune of $500,000 and eat $800 plates of food on your private plane.

Above all things, if nothing else, the reason why I hope you don’t become the first female president is because you are a criminal. It does not matter if you didn’t intentionally use a server that was not secure. I may not intentionally go 55 in a 40 but the police officer is going to give me a ticket. I may not intentionally kill someone in a car accident; however, I can still go down for manslaughter. People don’t intentionally become drug addicts but you bet they still end up in prison for possession.

You think you are above the law. You manipulate the system, which is not what a leader does. It’s not right.

Read the whole letter HERE

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