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crying-snowflake-200x200Watching the Snowflakes Melt

November 22, 2016

Any honest conservative will have to admit that the post-election spectacle of weeping Clinton staffers, progressive pundits at a momentary loss for lies, and SJWs tweeting as frantically as canaries in a room full of hungry cats was the icing on Trump’s victory cake. I don’t blame anyone for going back to YouTube for seconds. We’ve been getting the thick end of the political correctness cudgel for a very long time now. How’s this for social justice, my liberal friends? How’s this for a little diversity of political opinion?

Nevertheless, although Hillary’s political career has probably melted like the Wicked Witch of the West, the propaganda engine of the media is still here — even if its ratings are down. The infantile boot camp of academia remains unshaken. The student snowflakes, though bedraggled, have begun to notice that the sun still rises, racists hordes haven’t actually managed to kill them all, and Donald Trump hasn’t shoveled their oppressed, indignant, little corpses into the death camp ovens of their imagination — at least not yet. They can still hold hands and snuggle puppies for awhile. They can still chant “no justice, no peace!” around their traditional bonfires of Chinese-manufactured U.S. flags. Trump’s victory didn’t silence our opponents. It didn’t even give us a lull in fighting. Generation snowflake was out rioting before the Starbucks opened on Wednesday the 9th. They are now on the defensive, however. It is a good time for us to have a look at the miserable, misguided foot soldier our enemies intend to use against us.

Watching videos of SJWs, black, white and oh so very red, has struck me with something I hadn’t noticed before. (Read More)


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