Fox News: Gov. Palin Championed Unencumbered Path to Resource Extraction

An in-depth article at Fox News today talks about Obama’s eight-year reign against the development of energy and resources, or as they explain it: “Obama’s Climate Moves.”

President Obama’s eight-year regulatory battle with the energy and mining industries will likely come to a halt under President-elect Donald Trump, who is poised to green-light key job-creating projects from the Atlantic Coast to Alaska.

With the election of Donald Trump — and a transition team that includes GOP energy lobbyist Mike McKenna and outspoken climate change skeptic Myron Ebell — both sides now see their fortunes reversing amid Trump’s promise to rescind Obama’s signature Clean Power Plan and jump-start oil, and natural gas projects.

“I think 80 percent of President Obama’s policies will be reversed very soon after Trump moves into the White House,” Robert McNally, the president of the Rapidan Group, the energy consulting firm, and former official in the George W. Bush administration, told “The Trump administration will reverse the global warming principles enacted under Obama and he will stop the politicization of infrastructure. This will definitely spur on the growth of the oil and gas industries.

This is likely.  As sure as our new president-elect understands the inherent link between strong borders, our economy, and security, surely he understands this in the case of energy independence.  It’s just plain common sense.

The article of course goes on to suggest Governor Palin’s possible role in the Trump administration and explains her value in helping to facilitate what will likely be on Trump’s to-do list where resource development in concerned:

Pebble Mine, in Alaska’s Bristol Bay watershed, contains one of the world’s largest deposits of copper, gold and molybdenum, but the project has been hampered since its inception over concerns from environmentalists, Native Americans and local politicians that toxic residue from the mine could harm the world’s largest population of sockeye salmon and endanger the $252 million-a-year local fishing industry.

Trump has not weighed in on the issue, but Sarah Palin — Alaska’s former governor who is rumored to be on Trump’s short list for Interior Secretary – helped ease the path for what would be one of the world’s largest open pit mines by appointing mining industry officials to lead her Department of Natural Resources and embracing resource extraction.

As we wrote about previously, Governor Palin’s experience is surely a resource that the transition team could benefit by tapping into, regardless of where it leads.  From her experience heading the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, to fighting the federal government as Governor over extreme regulations, to appointing actual mining front-liners to head these various departments in her state, she knows how to get the ball rolling effectively and responsibly.

You can read the entire FOX article here.

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