Governor Palin at the Trump Election Night Victory Party [ VIDEO ]

Conservative Daily caught up with Governor Sarah Palin at the Trump Victory Party in New York City shortly before Donald Trump was declared the winner of the 2016 presidential election.


An optimistic Governor was confident that, “Trump’s gonna win tonight”, adding that, “he had won even before those votes started pouring in, because he’s changed the narrative.”

“He’s busted open all the things that so many people in America have been wanting to talk about.”

Palin said that the impending victory felt “like vindication.”

“I’m just ecstatic”, she said. “Not surprised though. Everywhere we’ve been traveling, people have been just so anxious for some real positive change, and for that private sector to be represented finally.”

“I think so many people obviously, have decided in order to end the corruption, you can’t elect those who have been doing the corrupting.”

Palin talked of the potential for the country to unite behind Trump, “As days go on, more and more people will be in this enlarged tent. More independents, more of the Reagan democrats coming on over and saying, ‘Trump is right on so many of these issues.'”

She summed up saying, “People are craving new energy, new ideas. The status quo has got to go. That’s what we’ve been saying for quite some years.”


Watch the celebration:

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