HuffPo | CNN Chief Jeff Zucker Rips Donna Brazile’s ‘Disgusting’ Leaks To Clinton Campaign

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photo courtesy Tim Pierce / Flickr
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CNN Chief Jeff Zucker Rips Donna Brazile’s ‘Disgusting’ Dealings With Clinton Campaign

November 1, 2016

CNN president Jeff Zucker described former network commentator Donna Brazile’s interactions with the Clinton campaign as “unethical” and “disgusting” during a Tuesday editorial meeting, according to a source with knowledge of the matter.

Zucker’s remarks followed reports Monday that Brazile informed Hillary Clinton’s campaign in March about a question they could expect at a Democratic primary debate the following night against Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. This was the second time last month that hacked emails published by Wikileaks appeared to show Brazile tipping off the Clinton campaign with a possible CNN debate or town hall question.

Brazile, a longtime Democratic strategist and TV pundit, served as vice chair of the Democratic National Committee through much of the 2016 election. In July, she became interim DNC chair …


Networks hosting presidential debates take great pride in maintaining a cone of silence around their preparation and it’s almost unheard of for a question to reach a campaign ? never mind twice.

On Tuesday’s call, Zucker said the perception campaigns could receive questions in advance “hurts all of us,” according to a source. “I have no tolerance for her behavior or that kind of behavior,” Zucker added, referring to Brazile. (Read More)


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