It’s The Media, Stupid




Last week America went to the polls to cast our votes. Technically, we went to the polls to vote for our next president. But voting for our new president isn’t the only reason we went to the polls. We also went to the polls to vote against the media.

The increasingly bad behavior of corporate media motivated us to vote. For years we’ve sat back and watched in horror as the media distorts our reality, creates narratives that don’t exist, and blatantly lies to us. On election day America said enough is enough.

Saturating the airwaves with corporate media polls didn’t work this time. Bombarding Americans with Push Polls didn’t work this time. Barrages of negative campaign ads didn’t work this time. Celebrities didn’t work this time. Media enhanced ground games didn’t work so well this time either.


Because battles are won before they begin. As Sun Tzu said, “Every battle is won or lost before it’s ever fought“. Trump understands this. Donald J. Trump won the general election the moment he announced his candidacy.


The answer is simple. Trump is not afraid of media, like other candidates. Trump doesn’t pander to the media, like other candidates. Trump spoke plainly to the American people. He told the truth. Trump pulled back the curtain, and fearlessly told the truth to the American electorate from day one of his campaign. Trump boldly and courageously told the truth to an American electorate that’s fed up with the spoon-fed lies of corporate media. Americans finally had a candidate who stood up to the media. Trump was on our side.

Immediately following Donald Trumps presidential announcement, the media went into their predictable frenzy. The media quickly created the false narrative, “Donald Trump said Mexicans are rapists“. The truth is, he never said that. The corporate media’s false narrative was rejected. Americans understood exactly what he really said. Trump was talking about a very important aspect of immigration – the corruption and complicity of Mexico’s government.

Corporate media continued to say otherwise. The complicit media worked double time to paint Donald Trump as a horrible racist who thinks all Hispanics run around raping people all day. Americans knew better. Americans heard something else. Something we are all starving for. Truth. Courage. Fearlessness.

George Orwell famously said, “In times of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act“. Corporate media was completely ignorant of this naked fact. Instead of listening to the American electorate, and reporting accordingly, the media made a different decision. They made a choice. A bad one. They chose to amplify their misleading modus operandi, and continued to aggressively manipulate the American people throughout the entire election cycle. Corporate media has done this for years. But in this election cycle they did it on steroids. This time there were consequences. Big ones.

The corporate media’s disregard for the American people became a fundamental component in the Trump campaign. It became a rallying cry. A very strong one. This rallying cry against corporate media produced a well deserved consequence.

The media themselves became the opposition – and on election day America voted them out.




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