LHL | Republicans take the Kentucky House after 95-year absence

via the Lexington Herald Leader:


2016-11-08-kentucky-house-goes-republican-200x200Republicans take the Kentucky House after 95-year absence

November 8, 2016

Republicans achieved the trifecta in Kentucky politics Tuesday, wresting control of the state House from Democrats in a landslide to complement their rule over the governor’s office and state Senate.

“The people of Kentucky have been heard and they want a new direction for the commonwealth of Kentucky,” said an ebullient Gov. Matt Bevin, who is expected to benefit mightily with a GOP-led House committed to his conservative agenda.

Republicans last led the chamber in 1921. Going into Election Day, the Kentucky House was the only law-making chamber in the South still controlled by Democrats, who held a 53-47 majority.

Longtime House Speaker Greg Stumbo, D-Prestonsburg, was among 17 Democratic incumbents swamped in the Republican wave. Stumbo has been in the House since 1980 … (Read More)


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