MORE #GaysForTrump Billboards COMING! Already In Florida And North Carolina!


Text of the Gays For Trump press release, and information about Gays For Trump, is below the video after commentary from The Truth Fairy.

Diverse grassroots support for Donald J. Trump grows everyday. It’s getting intense. Just one week after the Gays 4 Trump Flash Mob in West Hollywood, another ground swell of support from Americans is set to hit the stage.

Smart homosexuals have figured out that Hillary Clinton and her Democrats only care about them for one reason. Well. Actually for two reasons. Votes and Money. Attention Democrats: the gig is up.

Support for Donald Trump crosses all boundaries, all demographics, and all ethnicity. Why? Because Trump is uniting the country for all Americans. For far too long WE THE PEOPLE have been herded and segregated into little boxes of hyphenated Americans. It’s not working. It’s time to knock it off.

As Teddy Roosevelt once said:

“There is no room in this country, “for hyphenated Americanism…German-Americans, Irish-Americans, English-Americans, French-Americans, Scandinavian-Americans or Italian-Americans. There is no such thing as a hyphenated American who is a good American. The only man who is a good American is the man who is an American and nothing else.”

We are all Americans. Period. And we should be proud that we are all Americans. Until we reject segregation, and live together side by side as Americans, our country will continue to have problems.

Unfortunately we aren’t there yet. But it’s coming. We are on the precipice of a great American renaissance. A great awakening. We are on the cusp of a revitalized America where all Americans reject the labels that have been spoon fed to us for many years. But in order to reach this new dawn, and live together side by side as Americans, we first need to mobilize all the tribes within Trump’s extremely broad demographic appeal – and win. Then we can move forward. Toward real change.

The candidacy of Donald Trump has changed everything. Everything. The Democrats are horrified that gay Americans are campaigning for Trump. Absolutely horrified. Why? Because Hillary Clinton and her Democrats believe that they own the gays. That’s not democracy. That’s slavery. And it ends next week.

Gays For Trump has announced that they will be installing MORE billboards around the country. Below is the press release announcing the new billboards:


Contact: Peter Boykin Twitter: @PeterBoykin  Email:

Date: 11/1/16



Memorial for Victims of Tragedy at Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub

#GaysForTrump Billboards are NOW UP Swing States of Florida and North Carolina sponsored by supporters of from November 1- 8.

These Billboards urge the LGBT (“Let’s Get Behind Trump”) community to support Trump, as well as to honor the victims of the tragedy at Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub.

These digital billboards ARE IN 5 locations (3 in NC, 2 Florida)

Greensboro NC (Guilford, NC) 1-40 .3 mil E/O Gallimore Dairy Rd RR/FE

Winston Salem NC (Forsyth, NC) Hwy 52N, W/S .2MI. N/O I-40 LR/FS

Hillsborough NC (Orange County, NC **Remember the RNC Firebombing**) N/S I-85/40 @ EXIT #157

(Towards Durham/Raleigh)

Orlando FL N/S Sand Lake Rd .7 mil W/O OBT (441) F/W

Orlando FL N/S Beachline Expressway (SR 528) 1 mil E/O Orange Ave E/B

(Near International Airport)

North Carolina and Florida are battleground states, and if we can “Out the Vote” and win in these key states, we can signal that Trump is winning. We have been working hard as a group of LGBTQ and LGBTQ Friendly supporters to share with others our support of Trump. Together we can reach those closeted Trump supporters that need to see that there are other LGBT Trump supporters that stand beside them. The hashtag used in this campaign is #GaysForTrump

Gays For Trump leader Peter Boykin, who organized the billboards said, “Hillary’s policies in the Middle East led to the executions of thousands of gays. Those are the stakes in this race. Let’s make this simple: I’m a gay man voting for Trump–why? I don’t want to die at the hands of radical Islamic terrorists. I’ve been gay for a long time, and being for Trump is just as natural”

About GaysForTrump.orgLGBT = Let’s Get Behind Trump

Our group is for anyone who is an awakened LGBT person (or supporter) who is tired of being lied to by the Liberal Democrats that only want is for our vote. It’s time to join a party and movement that believes in an America that can be Great Again for EVERYONE.

To learn more visit, Email, Twitter @peterboykin


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