Moving Forward: New Era, Same Agenda

As many people here might be aware, I was not a supporter of Donald Trump’s. There are a lot of reasons this is so and I won’t bore you by listening them all here.

My fellow C4Pers and dear friends behind the scenes knew and respected my position and for that I am forever grateful. There’s nothing worse than politics screwing up good friendships!

The thing is, the reasons for my concerns still exist. I’m still concerned about his values. I’m still concerned about his record. I’m still concerned about his temperament.

What’s different now is what I intend to do about it.

Let’s look at the facts as we know them.

Donald John Trump, Sr. is the President-Elect of the United States and he won states not won since the Reagan/Bush era (Pennsylvania and Michigan had not been red since Bush in 1988 and Wisconsin was last red in 1984 in Reagan’s blowout election versus Fritz Mondale.)  The GOP has maintained control of the House with the Democrats only making modest pickups. The Senate will also remain in the hands of the GOP.

This is the first time the GOP has held the White House, The House of Representatives and the Senate since 1928.

Think about that for a minute.

The last time the Republicans controls the whole enchilada, there were only 48 states in the union, prohibition was still in effect and Shirley Temple was just an infant.

And the Cubs had been suffering 20 long years without winning the World Series again (and would have to wait another 88 years for it to come to pass).

This is truly an historic moment. None of my or anyone else’s earnest concerns about Trump can or should take away from that.

Now we must decide as a movement, as Constitutionalists, how we will respond. Will we gripe about what happened and why or will we look to the future?

Well, I’ve made my choice and my choice is the same as it always has been and always will be: I choose to fight to preserve our Constitutional rights and the rule of law.

I therefore propose we wipe the slate clean of any grievances from this election cycle and look to the future.

I was encouraged by his speech last night and will do my utmost to give him the benefit of the doubt and see what he does now that he actually is the Commander in Chief and leader of the free world.

With Trump as the President and with a majority in the House and Senate, we have an unprecedented opportunity to get a lot accomplished and to undo a lot of damage.

But my trust in government figures has been deeply challenged over the last decade or so of my life. So-called conservatives have made promises, only to break them once they are elected or re-elected.  This has made me deeply cynical, which I think is both good and bad for a variety of reasons but let’s focus on what that means from a positive perspective: I can’t and won’t be swayed by rhetoric anymore. Speeches don’t compel me unless those speeches are backed up with action.

I’m deeply opposed on principle to becoming a “fan” of a politician. Even here at C4P, I shudder when fellow conservatives refer to themselves as fans of the Governor.

Why? Because fandom is fickle. Fandom only cares about the person and not what they say or do. Fandom at its darkest is in essence a cult of personality.

You know, I told Steve a couple years back that, should Governor Palin run for President and win, that we must hold her feet to the fire and insist she keep her word on any conservative issues or policy positions. So when I say that now about Trump, please know that it’s not just him I’m saying this about. Governor Palin rightly said a few years back that those campaigning for office complained of the swamp in DC but once they got there, that swamp became a Jacuzzi. I believe a large part of the GOPs success last night is due in large part to the American people being fed up with corruptocrats who fail to keep their word.

That understanding is the crux of our role now, to insist that those who have made promises to the electorate keep them and to not let them weasel their way out of doing the work they promised to do.

They have no excuses now. They can’t say they can’t do it because they don’t have a majority in the House or the Senate. They can’t say “we can’t repeal Obamacare because we don’t have the White House.” They can’t say they can’t deeply curtail spending or deal with illegal immigration or undo all the damage Obama and the hard left has done.

They have the reigns of power and it is absolutely critical that we view anyone elected to office with a critical eye.

Bottom line is this: Our mission remains the same. We must not back down in fighting for and defending our Constitution. We mustn’t rubber stamp what comes out of the White House or the legislative branch because it has the GOP seal of approval on it.

I urge those who were concerned about Donald Trump (as I continue to be) to channel that concern into action. Those who have been supporters of Trump all along need to rejigger their thinking into that of an electorate as opposed to a support base defending their candidate of choice.

Watch with critical eyes and hold all of our elected officials’ feet to the fire whether the issue be taxes or judges or immigration or health care. Watch them all.

Because even as the election cycle is over, the real work begins.


Update: I was incorrect when I stated the GOP hadn’t held the House, Senate and White House since 1928. Republicans held the majority for the 108th and 109th Congress during George W. Bush’s presidency. I maintain, however, that this correction does not in any way diminish the historic nature of this election.


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