PALIN: While Draining the Swamp, Don’t Create a New One

Governor Palin linked to an article she wrote at Young Conservatives today on her Facebook page where she expressed continual optimism about president-elect Trump’s agenda to Make America Great Again; and his promise to “Drain the Swamp.” She also expressed a little caution about what the new Transition Team are looking replace the “swamp” with.

She began by noting on this Thanksgiving holiday how Americans are truly “blessed” to have a new exciting leader who’ll lead us, enabling America to “recapture her exceptionalism,” and urged citizens to “be thankful!”

At the same time, she insisted vigilance, cautiously noting how some who once made it their mission to “destroy the people’s Trump movement” are now “scrambling to hop on board.”

As such, she asks “what changed” in these prior critics?

The Transition Team has certainly raised eyebrows among conservatives lately in bringing in Former Massachusetts Governor and 2012 GOP Presidential Nominee, Mitt Romney to meet with president-elect Trump.  Just mere months ago, Romney referred to Donald Trump as a “con man,” saying  the “prospects for a safe and prosperous future are greatly diminished” if Trump were the GOP nominee.

Another curious choice for a meeting with the president-elect is former Texas Governor, Rick Perry who once referred to our new president-elect as a “cancer on conservatism” while calling “Trumpism” a “barking carnival act.”

Sarah Palin jumped on the Trump train very early in the Republican primary — even while Kellyanne Conway was heading a SuperPAC backing Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s run for the presidency at the time.  The Palin endorsement no doubt helped Trump immensely with conservatives in many of the southern states and was key in getting him over some of the more challenging hurdles.  Her support continued throughout his candidacy in both the primary and the general where she made multiple campaign stops all the way through the final weekend before November 8th, traveling the important states of Michigan and Ohio talking with voters.

Palin continued by citing her experience as one who “served in office” saying there “just isn’t time” for the lessons she learned about suspicious “chameleons” to be “re-learned” all over again in a “higher office.”

She ended by encouraging conservatives to be “courageous” in speaking up when we sense what we’re all too familiar with.

Having this experience and wisdom, no doubt is Governor Palin aware of the fact that it’s not just about a couple individuals alone who are now jumping on board, it’s about the people behind them — the ones who propelled their prior actions and words.  It’s not cynicism to question this.  We must have the courage Governor Palin speaks of to stay vigilant.

It’s not about one person, it’s about an entire country.


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