If The PTA Was In Charge #BoycottHamilton Never Would Have Happened


We are ALL AMERICANS and we come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, religions, and orientations. Unfortunately, this is not what we have been teaching our children ever since the PTA lost it’s power to the Leaders and Bosses of the Teachers Unions.

When I was little, at Thanksgiving time, half the class would dress as Indians, and the other half would dress as pilgrims. We’d all bring food and sit down TOGETHER and eat TOGETHER. This is a positive, unifying, good lesson for children.

Now, we teach our children that the “horrible evil white people stole land from the poor innocent Indians”. Completely ignoring the entire history of the world. Name one civilization that was not created by conquering another one.

Now we tell our children that skin tone makes them “different”. Now we tell our children “there are no winners and no losers”. Now we tell our children that they can’t play “Duck Duck Goose” because “it’s too competitive”. Now we tell our children that grading their papers with a red pen is “too aggressive”.

Now we don’t teach civics class to our children. Many young people actually think “Obama is in charge”. They have no concept or understanding of how a constitutional republic works.

It should come as no surprise that many people (egged on by Hollywood, and corporate media) now focus solely on our differences, and completely ignore our similarities.

It should come as no surprise that some young people are now rioting over the election. They all got trophies growing up whether they won or whether they lost. Now they are confused because they “lost”.

When we stop segregating ourselves into little “tribes”, and stop teaching our children that PEOPLE are something to be CATEGORIZED, we’ll make real progress. We’ll move forward. We’ll manifest real change.

I’ve always said that “a group of angry Mom’s can accomplish anything”. It’s time to give power back to the PTA, and let the Mom’s call the shots. Mom’s know best, and they’ll know how to end this divisive and regressive curriculum that has sadly poisoned the minds of so many.

America has made it through tough times before, and I am confident that we’ll make it through this tough time too. Why? Because we’re Americans. WE ARE ALL AMERICANS.

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THOMAS is an Editor at Conservatives4Palin, and Chairman of the Board for American Grizzlies United. Mr. Schmitz is a Southern California native based in Hollywood. Thomas’ controversial pop culture approach to modern politics delights supporters and offends critics. Mr. Schmitz has been described as, “culturally rebellious”, and a “rebel with a cause”.

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