Remember Remember The Eighth Of November

On Tuesday November 8th, 2016 Americans go to the polls. We the people go to the polls to exercise our sacred right to vote. This Tuesday we the people have a choice. A big one. We have a choice between two Americas. In one America, our founding mothers and fathers providential idea that man can rule himself remains intact. In the other America, their divine idea will cease to exist. A vote for Donald J. Trump is a vote for America. A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for something else.

This Tuesday is our last chance to replace the corrupt political establishment with a new government. A new government that is not controlled by a small group of elite people in Washington DC who are already bought and paid for. Make no mistake about it. Our current leaders in DC do not take their marching orders from we the people as they should. Our current leaders in DC take their marching orders from those who put them, and keep them, in office. With money. Big money. Big donors. Big Media. Big corporations. Big special interests.

Why is it that we see career politicians on both sides of the aisle doing everything they can to stop Donald Trump from winning? Why is it that we see the media saying everything they can to stop Donald Trump from winning? The answer is simple. Money. Big money.

Donald Trump represents an existential threat to the corrupt permanent political class, and the financial, and media corporations who fund them. Decades ago, unknown to us, our country was put up for sale. America was put up for sale to the highest bidder. Many people now make a lot of money by selling America. This sale of America has been on steroids the last eight years. This is unacceptable. This isn’t how America is supposed to work.

We the people have a chance to change all of this on Tuesday. Our moment is here.

For the last eight years we’ve watched in horror as our country was blatantly, and radically, transformed into something absolutely unrecognizable. Something is wrong. Something is terribly wrong. Something is terribly wrong in America today. It makes no difference whether, or whether not, we can articulate precisely what is wrong in America today. We can feel it.

Let’s ask ourselves a couple of simple questions. Are we better off today than we were eight years ago? Is America safer and more secure today than it was eight years ago? Of course not. Today we see an America with blatant corruption, and blatant collusion, all taking place within an obviously rigged system. This is wrong. This is not how America works. Enough is enough.

It is our duty to fix America. Many people sacrificed their lives in order to give us a country where man can rule himself. We cannot squander what these women and men selflessly gave us. The women and men in uniform who died for us, died for a reason. A very simple reason. They died so that we the people can be free. They did not die so that big donors, big media, big corporations, and big special interests can dictate our daily lives to us from a cloistered cabal in Washington DC.

The permanent political class, and those who fund them, have trillions of dollars at stake in this election. The power of the DC establishment answers to people who do not have our best interest at heart.

Tuesday’s election is not simply an election for a four year presidential term. It’s bigger than that. We are at a crossroad. A crossroad where one path leads America toward being a sovereign, safe, and prosperous nation once again. The other path leads America somewhere else.

The other path leads our country further into harmful trade-deals, monumental illegal immigration, and both foreign and domestic policies that do not put the American people first. This path forces our country deeper into the hole, while simultaneously enriching the pockets of the permanent political establishment. This path has already been bought and paid for. The people who invested in this path will want a return on their investment. A return that does not put America first.

Thank God for elections.

When a businessman takes over a company, one of his first tasks is to figure out where all the money is going. A good businessman needs to know how the company can spend less money, and keep more money to invest in it’s future. There is a phrase for this process. It is a phrase that explains the political establishments vitriolic hatred toward Donald Trump. Forensic Audit.

A forensic audit is an examination of a company’s financial data. Sometimes used as evidence in court. Forensic audits are sometimes used to prosecute a party for fraud.

It’s time for America to be back in business again. It’s time to fix the mess. It’s time for America to be America again. Hillary Clinton is not the man for the job. There is only one man in this race with the knowledge, the passion, and the track record of success to make America great again.

Tuesday is a vital moment for America. We have two choices. We have a choice between two Americas. One America is exceptional. The other America is just another name on the long list of countries at the United Nations. Choose wisely.


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THOMAS is an Editor at Conservatives4Palin, and Chairman of the Board for American Grizzlies United. Mr. Schmitz is a Southern California native based in Hollywood. Thomas’ controversial pop culture approach to modern politics delights supporters and offends critics. Mr. Schmitz has been described as, “culturally rebellious”, and a “rebel with a cause”.

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