Sarah Palin campaigns for Donald Trump in Cheboygan, Michigan

November 6th, 2016 • iizthatiiz

Latest polls show that Michigan is now all tied up!

The Granite State’s 16 electoral votes are now up for grabs, and could prove a key factor in deciding this Tuesday’s presidential election.

The Trump campaign is sparing no effort to continue building momentum to swing Michigan squarely into Trump’s column.

Trump himself will make two appearance, holding a rally in Sterling Heights this evening, and returning Monday night to Grand Rapids for the campaigns final event before Tuesdays election.

Campaign surrogates are also criss-crossing the state, including Governor Sarah Palin who is making four appearances today.

First stop this morning was in Cheboygan.


C4P has the round-up:


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It may not be “Summer Time in Northern Michigan” but these towns are hot, hot, hot for Trump. Fired up to Make America Great Again!

This is the “Comeback State” and industry will roar to life when government gets off their back and is put back on their side. You feel the patriotic spirit here and see it in voters’ eyes – they’re ready to put their tremendous Michigan work ethic to WORK!

We stopped in the local Cheboygan campaign HQ to thank folks for helping awaken the giant that now roars: “America First!” Great crowd (lots of Alaska connections!); great questions; encouragement all around.

Now headed to Alpena, then onto Midland, then Detroit where I’ll find a place to catch some Redwings victory tonight! ???

11:30 am Alpena, MI Trump HQ; 224 East Chisholm Rd.
Alpena, MI 49707

3:00 PM Midland, MI Trump HQ; 109 E Ashman,Midland, MI 48640


These three video’s capture most of Governor Palin’s remarks to the Cheboygan crowd:

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