Sarah Palin: ‘Grateful to See the Church Step Up’ for Donald Trump Because ‘Eight Years Ago, I Felt They Didn’t’

Governor Palin posted on Facebook:


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via Breitbart News:

During her special appearance on the holiday edition of Breitbart News Daily, former Alaska governor and 2008 vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin talked about her sense of “divine providence” in the 2016 election, and for the first time shared her feelings of disappointment that the religious community didn’t stand up more forcefully for her when she came under sustained attack from the Left in ‘08.

SirusXM host Alex Marlow asked Palin if she thought divine providence played a role in the election outcome.

“No doubt, divine providence played a huge role in this election,” she replied. “I will boldly proclaim that. I saw it first-hand. I was there on the campaign trail. I saw how things were changing. I saw more and more people’s eyes open, and I think so much of that was based on the church in general, those people of faith who were praying to God that people would wake up.” (Read much, much more on Breitbart News)







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