Sarah Palin: Willful media ignores Huma Adedin’s careless possession of classified info



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Unbelievable: in a tinderbox world, media’s willful ignorance of Clinton personnel with top security clearance – in careless possession of highly sensitive national security communications, no less.

Watch these tip-of-the-iceberg points about top Clinton aid Huma Abedin. It’s beyond sketchy why Huma (Abedin) Weiner has not had to answer for her pals, associations and influences when in possession of some of our country’s life or death communications. As we know, who someone has “palled around with” for years matters, as it’s undeniable one’s worldview is helped shaped by them.

Recall the ridiculous hard-news investigations of every long-lost relative of mine (and even my old Wasilla Jr. High classmates I hadn’t seen in decades) when the press feigned responsible vetting when I was on a national stage. Compare that to reporters today turning their blind eye to a dangerous situation where a top leader’s top staffer carelessly possesses State secrets – secrets her bizarre husband, Mr. Weiner, was evidently privy to.

Weiner inserted himself into potentially blackmailed positions by using tools containing hundreds of thousands of pieces of his wife’s (thus, Clinton’s) government communications. (…/Anthony-Weiner-checked-facilit… You can’t make this stuff up, and it’s for another day that disgust is expressed for women who’d coddle a man who has it in him to demean and objectify an underage girl (my daughter Piper’s age!) with his perverted sex chats.)

With political winds finally shifting away from Globalists who’ve arrogantly lorded over us to We the People, I look forward to the shift in media where basic investigative journalism becomes a norm. Recent citizen journalism has done the job we’d once tasked mainstream media to do as America’s “referee” or cornerstone of democracy. That must change when the political shake-up rocks our world on November 8.

Sarah Palin

PS – if you’ve got $5k to spare you could spring for a “Selfie with Huma” and ask her these questions yourself. Who knows, maybe I’ll pop in….…/5-000-selfie-Huma-Clinton-camp…


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