Adrienne Ross | Literature Must Not Be a ‘Safe Space’

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adrienne-ross-200x200Political Correctness Run Amok — Literature Must Not Be a ‘Safe Space’

Adrienne Ross | December 4, 2016

The inclination to coddle young people and protect their fragile sensibilities is growing by the day, and now, it has hit home in a way that bears further criticism.

We are traveling down a road in which anything that is politically incorrect, deemed dangerous, or simply makes one uncomfortable must be eliminated. Add race to the mix, and we lose our collective minds. A dangerous mindset it is, and as it has affected a Virginia school district, leading to its decision to ban two American literary classics, I am compelled to weigh in. My experience as both an educator and a black American affords me a unique perspective.

To Kill a Mockingbird and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn are the latest victims of a Coddle My Kid campaign sweeping the nation. One parent, concerned about the N-word prevalent in both books, made it her assignment to get the books removed from the Accomack County Public Schools.

She lamented the plethora of “racial slurs in there and offensive wording”— so much, she said, “that you can’t get past that.” Her son was unable to stomach a particular Huckleberry Finn page because the N-word appeared seven times.


During a career that spanned more than 17 years teaching English Language Arts, I taught To Kill a Mockingbird numerous times to countless students. I consider myself somewhat of an expert on the book, and I will defend till the end its place within our schools, homes, and even our churches—N-word notwithstanding. It remains my favorite novel of all time.

Unlike the worried mother, I am actually heartened by a son so intensely bothered by the word as it is used in the book. I submit that this, precisely, is the point. The purpose of education is not to shield from the uncomfortable, the hateful, or even the evil. On the contrary, it is to expose those very things to the light, discuss them, examine them, and commit not to repeat them. (Read More)


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