The Aftermath of Governor Palin’s ‘Carrier’ Comments

As many of you know, C4P began years ago as a primary vehicle to correct the record whenever the media would spin Governor Palin’s positions or words to manufacture many untrue narratives.

Then in years to follow, we became just one voice in the fight for Governor Palin’s principles.  As such, we all worked hard for many election cycles and did our part to make a difference.  Our site grew in scope and through it all, we’ve always maintained our independence from Governor Palin and her team.  In fact, when Newsmax honored us last year as a top conservative blog, they stated the following:

Somewhat misleadingly named, this “group of people from different cultures from across the globe . . . writers, lawyers, accountants, designers, IT professionals, college students, and more” spends most of its time writing not about Sarah Palin (even though the site proudly declares it “has her back”), but about mischief in government and the liberal establishment. Squishy Republicans are frequent targets, such as Sens. Jeff Flake of Arizona, Susan Collins of Maine, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, and Orrin Hatch of Utah as they mulled voting to confirm Loretta Lynch as attorney general.

Whether or not we write enough about Governor Palin specifically is arguable either way.  But we are Conservatives for Palin not because of one person.  As we all know, Governor Palin doesn’t want it to be about only her.  Rather, we are for her ideals.  Her passion for the constitution.  Her character.  There are people out there who embody her qualities and most of what we are about uses her record in public service as the standard for what types of individuals we need; people who put a quiet life aside and dare to enter the lion’s den of public policy. (See Janne Myrdals’ story here).

This is why Trump appealed to many of Palin’s supporters.  His diverse past and world experience of being a straight shooter was tempting to us.  Additionally for some of us though, his willingness to put his successful life aside at the age of 70 to offer his name up in service to help rebuild the country, our jobs, our military, and our middle class revealed his heart.  Of course this was never the story line where the media was concerned.  They smeared his name just as they did to Governor Palin.

So as someone who’s been part of C4P since 2011, I can say it’s challenging sometimes to reconcile correcting the “fake news” media when they misquote Governor Palin with picking our battles wisely.  After all, Governor Palin has withstood having her record and qualifications lied about for years and as Nicole recently pointed out, the ultimate joke was on them, not her.  Sometimes it’s better strategically to let the media think they’re winning only to prove them wrong when it matters.  It made Election Night that much better.  😉

As a popular, well-read libertarian website said: Palin was Barry Goldwater to Trump’s Reagan Revolution.  She was the vehicle that inspired the grassroots to step up.  All of this played into Donald Trump’s success as a candidate.

With this obvious manifestation, the time is upon us again to correct the record more vigilantly.  This was especially true in the case of Governor Palin’s well-written op-ed for the Young Conservatives website regarding Trump’s work with Carrier to keep over a thousand Indiana jobs from being shipped to Mexico.  In the article, Governor Palin said:

I am ecstatic for Carrier employees! Their bosses just decided to keep shop onshore. What a relief for hundreds of workers. Merry Christmas Indiana!

We don’t yet know terms of the public/private deal that was cut to make the company stay, but let’s hope every business is equally incentivized to keep Americans working in America.

Foundational to our exceptional nation’s sacred private property rights, a business must have freedom to locate where it wishes. In a free market, if a business makes a mistake (including a marketing mistake that perhaps Carrier executives made), threatening to move elsewhere claiming efficiency’s sake, then the market’s invisible hand punishes. Thankfully, that same hand rewards, based on good business decisions.

But this time-tested truth assumes we’re operating on a level playing field.

When government steps in arbitrarily with individual subsidies, favoring one business over others, it sets inconsistent, unfair, illogical precedent. Meanwhile, the invisible hand that best orchestrates a free people’s free enterprise system gets amputated. Then, special interests creep in and manipulate markets. Republicans oppose this, remember? Instead, we support competition on a level playing field, remember? Because we know special interest crony capitalism is one big fail.

The entire piece can be read here.

Immediately, an op-ed written by a woman the “fake news” media often would like to dub as irrelevant was transformed into “click bait” headlines by Politico, CNN, The Hill, and many others.  Such headlines suggested that Governor Palin slammed Trump and called the Carrier deal “crony capitalism.”

Wrong.  The same day Politico wrote their headline on it, I commented on my personal Facebook page about it.

Of course she [Palin] didn’t outright accuse Trump of crony capitalism. She said we have to wait and see what the details are of the deal with Carrier.

IF all businesses in America get the same deal, then great.

IF only ‘some’ businesses get a deal while others don’t then yes that is the definition of crony capitalism. As conservatives we have to maintain these principles while simultaneously realizing that the media likes to start trouble with overly simplified headlines like this one.

I only had to read Governor Palin’s op-ed once to understand what she was saying.  I assume the writers at The Hill, Politico, and NBC are smarter than I am.  That means that they should have understood what Governor Palin said as well.  It also means that their headlines were purposely written to cause discord between Governor Palin and the Trump Team.  We as the people cannot allow this to happen and we have to become watch dogs for this.  Just because we won doesn’t mean the work is done.

Another thing I’d like to mention is that I am sure I  won’t agree with everything Trump says or does.  I do not wish to blindly follow him.  To do such would make me no better than an Obamabot.  I am almost certain Trump knows that he applied for a job that will garner a certain level of scrutiny with every decision he makes since those decisions will make a difference to the lives of millions of people.  Whenever Governor Palin, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, myself, or anyone else who supports Donald Trump’s agenda to Make America Great Again observes something he’s done and provides fair commentary, it doesn’t mean he’s lost our support or that we are making “slams” against him.

It’s all about perspective, common sense, and honesty.  The mainstream media continues to lack every single one of those qualities.  It’s why they do their best to suggest Governor Palin as an irrelevant voice when they need it to be only to prove themselves wrong when they go out of their way to lie about her words and intentions.

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