Alan Dershowitz: President Obama Stabbed Israel In The Back

December 27th, 2016 • iizthatiiz

Constitutional scholar and self-avowed liberal Democrat Alan Dershowitz said that President Obama has stabbed Israel in the back.

Last week, President Obama instructed his U.N. ambassador to abstain from voting against a extremely harsh anti-Israel resolution that was before the United Nations Security Council. As a permanent member of the Security Council, the United States has the ability to veto any resolution.

“What he did was so nasty. He pulled a bait and switch. He said to the American public, ‘Oh, this is all about the settlements deep in the West Bank’, and yet he allowed his representatives at the U.N. to abstain, which is really ‘for’ a resolution that says that Jews can’t pray at the Western Wall. Jews can’t live in the Jewish quarter, where they’ve lived for thousands of years.” – Alan Dershowitz

Dershowitz endorsed Barack Obama for president in both 2008 and 2012.



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