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Family of Five

Bristol Palin | December 13, 2016

We are so excited about our expanding family!!

Looking back many months ago, I would never have dreamed this is where I would be. Is this not proof God is full of good surprises, when you put your life in His hands?

Dakota and I have been through trials in the public eye, and I am so thankful for where we are today. God brought us together. And then back together. Pretty miraculous.

Keeping with our unconventional life, it has been so much fun to keep this news just among our family and friends for the first half of our pregnancy; that Dakota knows the baby’s gender but the rest of us won’t until he or she is born; and even while pregnant with Sailor (under more unconventional circumstances) I always knew a third child someday would complete our family.

We are all overjoyed!

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Ultrasound image courtesy Bristol Palin
Ultrasound image courtesy Bristol Palin


Sarah shared a post on the happy news:

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Happiest of the Happies!

Dealing with critics who want to see you clothed in misery?

The best revenge against the haters is choose to live a productive life always looking at the bright side. Thus, you become an unstoppable overcomer, par excellence! Because when the haters see you happy, they lose their power!

(God says this better than I in James 1:2-4)

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