The Forgotten Gays: The LGBTQ Can Help Make America Great Again Too!


I went to a fabulous Christmas party on Saturday night. Unfortunately, at the fabulous Christmas party, I heard some misinformed LGBTQ attendees talking about how scared they were of President Elect Donald Trump.

Scared of what?” I asked. They told me, “He’s going to over turn Gay Marriage“. WTF? I had to sit them down and explain that for the first time in history a president is going to be sworn in on January 20th entering office unopposed to Gay Marriage.

Don’t they watch 60 minutes?

It’s done. These cases have gone to The Supreme Court. They’ve been settled. And I’m fine with them

-President Elect Donald Trump November 13, 2016

Who is telling gay people that America’s new president is a big ol’ scary boogeyman?

It’s done” – “They’ve been settled” – “And I’m fine with them“. Sounds pretty clear to me. What the heck are these guys so gosh darn afraid of? Why do they believe the EXACT OPPOSITE position of the president elect?

Here’s the problem.

The loudest, and most influential, voices in the LGBTQ are radical and extreme voices operating as unofficial extensions of the Democrat Party. But the problem doesn’t stop there.

The real problem is that there is no voice in the current LGBTQ for the forgotten gays who don’t run around screaming “we’re here we’re queer get used it”, who don’t sue bakeries, who don’t simultaneously run around naked at Gay Pride parades while demanding to be treated just like everyone else.

The forgotten gays are American citizens. Proud American citizens. American citizens who don’t protest, don’t shout, and don’t demonstrate. We are American citizens who would intentionally support our own community by choosing a gay bakery if we found ourselves in the midst of a cake crisis – instead of intentionally choosing a Christian bakery and suing it into bankruptcy.

The forgotten gays are American citizens who just want to have a good job, a good economy, a safe neighborhood, and the same opportunities that all Americans want. The forgotten gays don’t see our country through a lens based entirely on sexual preference. We are Americans. Just like everybody else.

Sadly, there is no room for the forgotten gays in the current LGBTQ movement. The forgotten gays have no voice within the movement. Some try to speak up and are quickly harassed and targeted by the current radical LGBTQ leadership.


My “Open Letter To The LGBTQ Part I and Part II” was originally published by Same Page Nation in 2015 – a few weeks after The Supreme Court ruled on Gay Marriage. I’m not as shocked and baffled as I was in 2015 when I wrote the articles.

Cut to today:

Today I hold the same position that President Elect Donald Trump holds, when he told 60 Minutes: “It’s settled“. I do have one caveat. It would be nice to see some sort of legislation passed by congress to remedy the serious religious liberty issues caused by the Supreme Court ruling.

Over the last year and a half I have forgiven The Supreme Court for not suggesting that instead of redefining a word, congress could pass a bill similar to my “Domestic Partnership Reform Bill”. My bill would have saved millions (if not BILLIONS) of dollars on both sides of the argument, and my bill would not have bankrupted any bakeries, or thrown gasoline on an already divided country. I still believe my bill would have made more sense.

But the past is the past. The law is the law. It’s time to move forward. And most importantly, I share President Elect Donald Trump’s dedication to uniting our country.

After the Supreme Court ruled on Gay Marriage, I hoped the LGBTQ would alter their current platform that is based on sex, victim-hood, and persecution. They didn’t. They continued this platform that denies gay people the right to a real self-identity not based in sex. So I wrote a few suggestions to remind gay people that with their new rights come new responsibilities, and that societal assimilation should be their next goal.

via Same Page Nation:

Congratulations for accomplishing exactly what you set out to get. Congratulations on the ability to publicly and legally express love and commitment to your spouse – until death do us part.

However, if equality is what you want to achieve, your work is nowhere near finished.

Now comes a few responsibilities, and one golden opportunity. This opportunity, if taken, will have a positive effect on our country and all Americans. I suggest you take it. You have the opportunity to assimilate into society, drop the labels, end voluntarily self-segregation, refuse the mentality of victim-hood, and develop your own self-identity. Then, and only then, will real equality be achieved.

Let’s talk about self-identity for a minute. Given the Supreme Court decision, who are you now? You are no longer a victim. You are no longer persecuted. You are no longer denied anything that other Americans have. If you were unhappy with your life prior to the Supreme Court ruling, you will continue to be unhappy. Why?  Because the commercially driven LGBT, and others, selected an identity for you that is based on your private sexual activities, persecution, victim-hood, and oppression.

The first step is to remove sex from the equation. Sex isn’t very interesting. Dogs do it. Is your private sex life the most interesting thing about you? I certainly hope not. No matter what your occupation is, wouldn’t you rather be a lawyer, a doctor, or an actor; instead of a gay-lawyer, a gay-doctor, or a gay-actor? C’mon gals and guys, we’re all Americans, no more labels. You said you wanted to be equal. Now you are equal. The Supreme Court said you were equal. This is what you wanted.

via Same Page Nation:

Just like real equality, real tolerance cannot be mandated. Real tolerance must be earned, or it does not exist. The first step in earning tolerance is behavior. We’ll get to that in a minute.

The road to real tolerance, and real equality, requires a little bit of effort, an open-mind, and a little bit of tolerance on the part of gay Americans. You said you wanted to be like everyone else. The Supreme Court said you are like everyone else. Now, it’s time to behave like everyone else. This is what you wanted.

You cannot force someone to tolerate you without being guilty of intolerance yourself. Using force, in the name of tolerance, does not bring tolerance. It brings Fascism. Using force to achieve tolerance requires you to reject your own tolerance toward the person, or group of persons, that you are demanding tolerance from. Tolerance is impossible to legislate. If tolerance is what you desire, you need to earn it, or you won’t get it.

Sadly, the forgotten gays don’t go over too well with the current direction of the LGBTQ movement. Over the years I’ve had my bank accounts hacked into, my mail stolen, my credit card numbers illegally used, and I’ve received overwhelming hate-mail – whenever I speak freely about the LGBTQ community the way I am now. In the gay community the tactics described above are known as The Velvet Mafia.

In order to make America great again the forgotten gays need both a voice, and a place at the table of the LGBTQ – or the divisions and problems will continue. United we stand, divided we fall.

As I’ve said many times over the years:

True equality is only possible when being gay is as irrelevant as having red hair.

I have a dream that all Americans will one day live in a nation where they will be judged on their talent, merit, and contributions to society – not their sexual preference.

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