Monica Crowley: Donald Trump will reorder the status quo ‘root and branch’

December 6th, 2016 • iizthatiiz


Monica Crowley spoke with Fox Business host Stuart Varney on how Donald Trump intends to ‘drain the swamp’, and destroy our ‘corrupt rigged system’.

“Donald Trump is making it very clear, there’s going to be a new sheriff in town, very soon. And he’s going to reorder everything, from our diplomatic relations; based on a freedom agenda and interests of the United States, because he ran and won on a America first platform.”

2016-12-05-monica-crowley-donald-trump-status-quo-varney-and-co-small“He’s also going to smash every other model, including the press model, and that’s what they’re extremely afraid of.”

“It’s about time that the status quo was just not shaken up, but actually destroyed and reordered.”

“Donald Trump understands when he was talking about draining the swamp, and to deceiving the corrupt rigged system, that you have to do it across the board.”

“You can’t just do it over here and expect things to change.”

“You have to uproot things, like … dealing with the press, root and branch and create a new order. And this is an order based upon serving the American people first and foremost.”

“If [the people] wanted status quo, they either would have voted Mrs. Clinton, or during the republican primaries, they would have voted for Jeb Bush.”

“They did not want the status quo any longer because they realized it was sending America into decline, and they want to bring this country back to its traditional engine of economic growth. Its traditional place of extraordinary power in the world and influence in the world.”

“We are an extraordinary nation, and the American people want it back.”




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