Netanyahu spokesman: “Ironclad” info Obama administration “deliberately pushed” anti-Israeli U.N. resolution

December 26th, 2016 • iizthatiiz

Israel has openly accused the Obama administration of being a driving force behind last weeks U.N. resolution condemning the State of Israel.

David Keyes • Spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu


David Keyes, the spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Fox News yesterday that, “We have rather ironclad information from sources in both the Arab world and internationally that this was a deliberate push by the United States, and in fact they helped create the resolution in the first place.”

In a follow-up interview this morning, Keyes took it a step further, saying that “President Obama has abandoned Israel.”

“Outrageous” and “shameful”, Keyes said of the resolution and those who lent their support.

“Friends don’t take friends to the Security Council” he said, repeating the words of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

He pointed to the absurdity of a U.N. edict that claims the Western Wall is occupied territory. That “one of the most holy sites of the Jewish people. A place where Jews have returned to and prayed at for literally thousands of years”, is now somehow to be accepted as Palestinian territory.

Keyes strongly indicated that the Israeli government has forsaken any further efforts to work with President Obama, and has moved forward to the incoming Trump administration.

The “ironclad” evidence obtained by the Israelis government, proving that the Obama administration deliberately pushed the resolution through the Security Council, will be shared “with the new administration through the proper channels, and if they choose to share it further, that’s their prerogative.”






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