Palin Packs a Punch in 2016

It’s been eight full years since Governor Palin hit the national spotlight.  Her strongest critics (those we call Palin Deranged) have accused her of having “15 minutes of fame” and have spent all these years repeatedly claiming that said minutes were finally over.

To their dismay, however, 2016 proved to be one of her strongest years ever.  And though we know she’d never take the credit for it, this last year is not only the year she made perhaps one of the biggest differences politically, but it was also a manifestation of years of success that came together that allowed her to serve as Barry Goldwater to “Trump’s Reagan Revolution.”

Of course the year had its share of challenges, one in particular was Todd Palin’s snow machine accident earlier in 2016.  The tragedy saddened us all but ironically turned out to show the massive support Governor Palin retains as an outpouring of prayers were sent to the family from supporters across the country.

Additionally, the year brought joy to the Palin family when Bristol and Dakota Meyer got married and even more recently announced a coming addition to their own family.

As with any family, as with all of us, ups and downs are inevitable.  Yet, throughout it all Governor Palin remained focused on helping our new President-elect on his mission to “Make America Great Again!”

While many in the Republican cocktail circuit were laughing at the idea of Donald Trump winning the Republican nomination, Governor Palin went rogue and jumped in very early to endorse the outsider businessman for president amidst a media storm of critics.

She followed up campaigning with him in the primary.

As Trump said in the video above “everybody wanted her endorsement.”  He got it and it proved to be a massive help in many conservative states.  Soon afterwards, the focus became on the rust belt where Governor Palin visited Wisconsin as well.  Against the prediction of the experts, he won the GOP nomination comfortably.

Then came the general election where the mainstream media did all it could to smear the man who threatened Hillary Clinton’s anointed turn.

Throughout their mission to steer the narrative, the Trump campaign knew that in the final hours of the general campaign that a message taken right to the people was the way to go. Governor Palin was asked to hit the campaign trail in the important battleground states of Michigan and Ohio just two days before the election.

She hit towns in Michigan here and here.

She hit Ohio here, here, and here.

As we all know and are extremely thankful for, just days after these speeches in the rust belt, Donald J. Trump was elected president of the Untied States.

After Trump secured the 270 electoral votes to win, Governor Palin posted the following on her Facebook page.

Congratulations, America!

Now the hard work begins to get government off your back and back on your side. May the wisdom of Solomon guide all decisions.

We cast the vote for the Trump movement because it was a vote for American exceptionalism, which leads to peace through our strength.

From all of us at C4P, Happy 2017 to you.

And of course, a big “thank you!” to Governor Palin for doing all she’s done to help elect a new president that the American people deserve.

Our work continues.



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