Russia makes a fool of Obama (Trolling in the Big Leagues)

After weeks of veiled threats, Barack Obama finally exacted his revenge against Russia, retribution for unproven allegations that Moscow hacked the U.S. presidential election on behalf of Donald Trump. Thus far, not a shred of evidence has been released to substantiate this claim.

Washington expelled 35 Russian diplomats from U.S. soil Thursday and closed two major Moscow-controlled compounds in New York and Maryland, as tensions between the two superpowers escalated after Obama accused the Kremlin of interfering in the presidential election. (IBT)

Moscow wasted no time firing back, deploying 2016’s weapon of choice .. The Tweet

It is bad enough that virtually everyone within the American government is acutely aware of Barack Obama’s very lame duck status. In recent days, foreign governments have also relegated Obama to the political dustbin.

Israel no longer has any use for meaningful engagement with the Obama administration, and is patiently awaiting President-elect Trump’s inauguration. Russia too, it now seems is also unwilling to uphold the facade that President Obama remains a symbol of American power, viewing him merely as the lamest of lame ducks.

Always perceived around the world as a weak leader, President Obama is now at the absolute nadir of his influence on the world stage. A wispy shadow of what was never a large silhouette.

Still, the Russian bear is ready to reenact some outdated Cold War tit for tat, unsheathing its claws just enough to replay some old school Spy vs. Spy.

In other words, you can expect to see 35 American diplomatic personnel ejected from the Motherland in coming hours. Likely a handful more, as the Ruskies will want to upstage Obama’s parlor trick.

Fortunately, there is a mature voice of reason ready, and willing to put diplomatic relations between the two powers back into their proper perspective. When asked about today’s turn of events between the U.S. and Russia, President-elect Donald Trump said, “It’s time for our country to move on to bigger and better things.”




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