Scholla: Loyal Doug McMarlin – Aide for Palin Lived Life in Color

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December 31, 2016


Scholla: Joyful, Gorgeous, Loyal Doug McMarlin – Aide for Palin Lived Life in Color

The Palin camp was hit hard by the loss of McMarlin. Not only are the Palins themselves grieving but those who have worked for the former Alaska governor are particularly shaken. Palin team member Jason Recher, a former Special Assistant to President George W. Bush worked with McMarlin for over 16 years in various capacities all over the world from Alaska to Moscow to London to Hong Kong. He remembers McMarlin as special and unique. “Doug McMarlin wore several hats in my life – friend, groomsman, business partner – but brother is what sums it up best,” Recher said. “Together, we accomplished great things professionally but personally he was always there to serve as a listening ear, a compass, or comedian. Doug McMarlin was an original, one of a kind – he’ll be tremendously missed and never replaced.”

Palin herself is reflecting on her times with McMarlin. “Doug was one of the most talented strategic communicators on the national scene,” Palin told Breitbart News. “His signature touch was a covert, brilliant use of humor and clever sarcasm that alleviated much of the stress in the bizarre situations we’ve encountered. He and a couple more of us always talked about writing a book or screenplay about what our team’s encountered, but I doubt people could even believe most of it! Still, I wish we would have done more than just talk about how we wanted to share some unbelievable times. Doug helped get us through them with grins on our faces, and the rest of America could benefit from what we’ve learned in what we wanted to title, ‘The New Normal’.”

McMarlin’s relationship with Palin and her family dates back to the Mama Grizzly’s historic run on a national ticket.

“Doug started with our team on the ’08 Vice Presidential trail, quickly becoming my and my family’s true friend,” said Palin. “My kids loved him.”

Palin also appreciated McMarlin’s accomplishments before she met him.

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