Three-fer! – Clarke, West, & Pirro on Illegal Immigration and Sanctuary Cities

December 8th, 2016 • iizthatiiz


Fox News host Sean Hannity brought out the all-stars last night for a discussion on big city, urban mayors vowing to protect illegal immigrants in their sanctuary cities.


2016-12-07-sheriff-david-clarke-hannitySheriff David Clarke

We’re at a crossroads. Either we’re gonna be a sovereign nation and enforce our borders, or we’re not. The problem is getting worse.

We have to have zero tolerance for people illegally crossing the border, coming into the country and setting up residence.

There are criminal sanctions for people who provide safe havens and harbor people that they know are in the country illegally.

Sanctuary cities are havens for criminal activity. Criminals prey on people illegally in the country, knowing they cannot report that to the police for fear of being found illegally in the country themselves.

So we have under-reported and unreported crime, serious crime. Rapes, domestic violence, child abuse, as a result of sanctuary cities.


2016-12-07-judge-jeanine-pirro-hannityJudge Jeanine Pirro

They say that these laws are unjust federal immigration laws, and that they’re bigoted.

Here’s the bottom line. These are federal laws. They are meant to be followed.

We have the ability to enforce those laws, and it’s about time we did.

President-elect Trump will do that. Obama did not. He protected them.

When we look at national security in this country, we have to try to understand who these immigrants are, who we’re protecting, and are these refugees now part of the problem in this country.


2016-12-07-colonel-allen-west-hannityColonel Allen West

This is not being in defiance of the Trump administration. It’s being in defiance of this constitutional republic and its rule of law.

Representative John Culberson of Texas has already created a means by which we can cease the funding to these cities, because they cannot continue to act in defiance.

When you talk about political optics, this is not a winning argument for the Democrat party whatsoever.

When you look at the Democrat party, it has now become a party of coastal, urban elites, and they do not understand that the American people want to be safe and secure.

If these mayors decide they don’t want to be part of this constitutional republic, there are means by which they can be held accountable.





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