The Todd Starnes Christmas Show — [ Full Video ]

Celebrating the reason for the season! Todd Starnes presents Christmas performances by Jason Crabb, Meredith Andrews, The Mylon Hayes Family, and the Bellevue Singing Christmas Tree Choir from Memphis Tennessee!



Well, folks. I’ve gone off and done it.

I’ve managed to create the most politically incorrect Christmas show in America. My Fox Radio extravaganza declares that Jesus is the reason for the season – loud and proud.

The show includes a Living Nativity, flying angels, shepherds and the Christmas story – delivered directly from the New Testament at Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee.

We also have a stage full of line dancing Santa Clauses, celebrity singers like Jason Crabb, Meredith Andrews and the Mylon Hayes Family.

Oh, and there’s a massive Christmas tree filled singing young people. You have to watch the video to truly appreciate the magnitude of 140,000 sparkling lights.

Todd Starnes


Enjoy the full show:



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