California’s Diversity For The Sake Of Diversity Clause: Meet Senator Kamala Harris

On November 8, 2016 California elected Kamala Harris to fill the senate seat once occupied by Barbara Boxer.

Kamala is the first African-American, the first Asian-American and the first Indian-American to represent California in the United States Senate. Being a state that votes on feelings, emotions, and diversity for the sake of diversity, Harris was a shoe in from the get-go. Yup, leave it to California to put identity politics on steroids.

Unfortunately, for California (and America), this triple threat hyphenated American isn’t the brightest porch-light on the block. She’s also a total hopey changey ideologue. Don’t get me wrong. I’m elated that Barbara Boxer is gone. But today’s senate hearings proved that here in California we simply replaced one whack job with another whack job.

During today’s senate confirmation hearings for our new CIA Director Mike Pompeo, the freshman senator framed all her questions around Gay Marriage and “Global Warming”.

Get a load of this crock:

If Kamala keeps this up, she’ll beat Patty Murray for the Dumbest Senator Award.


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