Camille Paglia: How to Age Disgracefully in Hollywood

<p>Erich von Stroheim (1885 - 1957, left) as Max von Mayerling, and Gloria Swanson (1899 - 1983) as Norma Desmond in the final scene of 'Sunset Boulevard', directed by Billy Wilder, 1950. (Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)</p>

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January 7, 2016


Camille Paglia: How to Age Disgracefully in Hollywood


If aging stars want to be taken seriously, they must find or recover a mature persona. Stop cannibalizing the young! Scrambling to stay relevant, Madonna is addicted to pointless provocations like her juvenile Instagrams or her trashy outfit with strapped-up bare buttocks and duct-taped nipples at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Gala in May. She has forgotten the legacy of her great precursor, Marlene Dietrich, who retained her class and style to the end of her public life.

In her Billboard Awards speech, Madonna oddly cited David Bowie as her “real muse.” But Bowie did not cling to his revolutionary, gender-bending Ziggy Stardust in the way that Madonna doggedly regresses to the sassy street urchin of her 1980s debut. Bowie retired Ziggy after a single sensational year and evolved into other personae, such as the suave, enigmatic Thin White Duke. Neither Dietrich nor Bowie would have begun an event as Madonna did after Anderson Cooper handed her the Billboard trophy: “We already had sex with a banana” and (about her microphone) “I always feel better with something hard between my legs.”

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