Donald Trump dinner event • Inauguration eve remarks


President-Elect Trump addressed diners last evening at an event crowded with Washington politico’s, his incoming cabinet members, and supporters.

Trump offered a handful of insights from this past election, then indicated that he already has reelection on his mind. “The next time, four years from now, we’re going to win the old fashioned way”, predicting that success in his first term would lead to a second victory.

Trump directed a few tongue-in-cheek words at the Johnny-come-lately’s, those who only showed their support after the election had already been won. “There are donors who got really, really generous a day after the election was won”, he quipped. “That’s okay. We love you too.”

Declaring, “This was a victory for all of us”, Trump spent a good portion of his remarks thanking friends, supporters, and family, giving extra attention to Phyllis Schlafly, Reince Priebus, Kellyanne Conway.




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