Elections have consequences. Especially for influence peddlers.


Elections have consequences. Especially for influence peddlers.

With Hillary Clinton’s electoral defeat, the raison d’etre for the Clinton Foundation has evaporated. Poof! Gone in an New York minute.

After sinking billions of dollars into the Clinton slush fund, donors immediately realized that there would be no return on their investment. So, the spigot has run dry. The revenue stream into Clinton coffers has ended. Why pay, if there will be no one to play.

The Saudi’s and the Gulf States will not have Hillary Clinton in office to deflect criticisms of their repressive regimes. The bet they made, laying billions of petrodollars on Hillary’s casino will not pay off. Globalists who had no other candidate with whom to hedge their bets, donated heavily and often. Hillary was the only game in town, so the dollars rolled in.

Until she lost.

An endless list of donors seeking to purchase Hillary’s favor have been left out in the cold.

There will not be a White House for sale.


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