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“Now I’m not one for name dropping, but Sarah Palin’s been watching the show. Governor, thank you so much. She asked people to share it. I knew I always liked her, yes I did. Well Governor, if you’re watching this one, bless your heart. Thank you so much. You can come on the show any time.” – Joe Dan Gorman


Since 1980, I’ve never missed a Presidential election.  Although my first POTUS vote was for Reagan, I was so young, I wasn’t even aware of the primary process at the time.  So excluding that election, like most ‘Fly-Over Americans’, this Trump election represents the first time in my LIFE that MY candidate actually won…meaning the candidate I actually chose in the primary.

But prior to that, we didn’t cry and curl up in fetal balls when we lost…  we adjusted, refocused and fought back.


It took a while—but now that we’ve won— the entrenched elite cannot stand it…and the level of childish behavior is surreal… if not totally MIND-BLOWING.  These lefties are mean, rude and vulgar… with absurd arguments bearing no resemblance to reality.


They win elections because they are relentless.  The Left NEVER take a break—NEVER—they continue to not only relentlessly attack and insult President Trump— but they are attacking and insulting US, our constitution and our Judeo-Christian beliefs.

We’re tired of it.

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Joe Dan Gorman is the creator, host & producer of Intellectual Froglegs. Nominated for VIDEO BLOGGER OF THE YEAR at CPAC 2013. Former Real Estate Investment Broker until real estate collapse in 2007. When he is not creating and producing wicked coolness, he is busy performing liberal exorcisms, playing guitar and sharing his testimony and love for Jesus Christ.


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