New Clinton document dump “ramps up” pressure to prosecute

“This is a smoking gun if ever there was one. This ramps up the case for her prosecution” – Judge Andrew Napolitano


A new dump of documents surrounding the Clinton email investigation reveals the FBI accusing State Department officials of shopping Secretary Clinton’s emails among various intelligence agencies in order to achieve the most favorable treatment regarding the secrecy classification of the documents.

Information in the release also reveals that Clinton’s emails were indeed intercepted by multiple hostile foreign agencies.

Hillary Clinton was regularly forwarding government documents to a non-government actor during her tenure at the State Department. Although the recipient was redacted, Judge Andrew Napolitano believes the recipient was long-time Clinton confidant Sidney Blumenthal.

“This is a smoking gun if ever there was one. This ramps up the case for her prosecution”, Napolitano stated, adding that the FBI agents who conducted the investigation will put pressure on the new Attorney General to push forward with a prosecution.

Napolitano correctly predicted that these new revelations would impact the confirmation hearings for Sen. Jeff Sessions. Yesterday, the incoming Attorney General announced that he would recuse himself from any future decisions regarding Mrs. Clinton, citing concerns over of his objectivity.


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