Palin: Truth That’s Told With Bad Intent Beats All the Lies One Can Invent

via Governor Sarah Palin (for Young Conservatives):

Truth That’s Told With Bad Intent Beats All the Lies One Can Invent


Curiouser and curiouser…revealing reports concerning Hillary capitalizing on her former position as the holder of secret national security communications, and Obama’s FBI and DOJ obstruction efforts to protect the Clintons and their money-making Foundation, aren’t going away. As conscientious patriots peel the onion, you’ll see why.


Keeping up with new revelations, I’ll try to bring them to you with ratcheted down rhetoric so all may understand what is at stake here.


An enlightening way to keep apprised and to get a (often times entertaining!) feel for others’ grasp of the significance of this government coverup is to read the Comments section of sites that do the heavy lifting on this enormously important story.


For instance, this point made by a reader recognizing injustice as a VW corporate official gets arrested yesterday for allegedly fudging numbers on their (global-warming-induced) emissions report.

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