POWERFUL! Look What Hundreds Of Christians Just Did For Donald Trump

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January 17, 2017


POWERFUL! Look What Hundreds Of Christians Just Did For Donald Trump


We have also seen troubling reports about major acts of violence possibly being carried out by liberal agitators at Friday’s inauguration.


Prayers are definitely needed to help ensure that things go smoothly at the inauguration.


It looks like Donald Trump won’t have any trouble in that department.

via CBN:

Like angels from heaven, hundreds of “prayer warriors” have descended on Washington D.C. to undertake a crucial mission: protect U.S. President-elect Donald Trump by building a “prayer shield” around him ahead of his Jan. 20 inauguration.


Among these prayer warriors are the members of a new group called POTUS Shield (as in President of the United States) who gathered inside the National Press Club on Thursday, CBN News reported.

Pastor Eric Majette from Virginia Beach, Virginia said POTUS Shield is composed of pastors from all over America.


“We’re actually a prayer group. We pray for leaders across our nation — a group of pastors come together to pray for our nation and our leaders, particularly the new administration,” he said.

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