Sarah Palin: Media Hysteria over Trump’s ‘Immigration Ban’ Is Fake News on Steroids

Media busted. Again. Phony baloney uproar over Trump’s so-called “immigration ban”


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via Breitbart News:

Media Hysteria over Trump’s ‘Immigration Ban’ Is Fake News on Steroids

Sarah Palin | January 29, 2017

A blanket “immigration ban”? No, it is not. That is a fake news headline.

Even so-called conservative websites groveling for clicks are making more out of President Trump’s action to fully vet foreigners’ intentions upon U.S. entrance than it obviously is.

Trump is doing what the majority recognized was necessary to secure our borders. Voters asked for it, he promised it, and thus he was elected. Now he’s doing it.

This isn’t inhumane. It’s exercising common-sense compassion to keep human beings safe. It’s about fully vetting foreigners and merely following the laws the people–through our representative form of government within our republic–agreed upon.

The misinformed are ballistically knee-jerking because they aren’t used to candidates fulfilling campaign promises. Perhaps it’s shocking because we’re used to swamp dwellers murkying up the waters once typical politicians get elected, but that’s exactly why a typical politician wasn’t elected. The status quo has got to go.

Many of us have demanded we regroup and get a handle on security issues. What next preventable tragedy must happen before we finally do so?

Trump’s executive action is a step in the right direction towards welcoming safe, loving, law-abiding, hardworking, patriotic people into our nation that was built on the backs of safe, loving, law-abiding, hardworking, patriotic people willing to assimilate into America’s exceptional melting pot.


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