Sarah Palin’s Next Move?

Earlier today Governor Sarah Palin chimed in on President Elect Donald Trump’s recent press conference HERE.

At the end of her statement the Governor said the following:

*** And stay tuned for the next step in finally shooing away the pesky numbskulls in what was once “mainstream” media. I’m going to do my part. I’ll soon announce the most helpful, satisfying, exciting leap YOU can take with me as we help build America’s future together. ***

Sarah Palin is consistently ahead of both the political curve and the political winds.

Historically speaking Palin always makes the right choice. Going all the way back to 2004 when she resigned as the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commissioner because of self dealing in her own party. Her political instincts are unrivaled. Personally, I trust her judgement implicitly.

We won the election. We are no longer the opposition. We are the party in power. For eight LONG years we’ve played the role of the opposition. Being the opposition is different from being the party in power. Very different. Being the party in power is harder. We’ve got a lot of work to do. Our agenda of reform/restoration/revitalization and uniting the country is priority number one. Let’s do it.

Clearly Governor Palin gets this – as evidenced by her recent op-eds reminding citizens that Trumps election was just the beginning of our work, her unrelenting support of new media (especially the young conservatives website), and her increasingly in your face whimsical comments appealing to the short attention spans of young people discovering politics for the first time.

Which brings us back to the Governors closing comments in her statement.

What is this exciting leap WE can take?

Now we’ve got two things to look forward too!



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