The Truth Fairy: “We are hours away from fundamentally restoring the United States of America”

We made it!

We made it through eight long years of President Obama’s contempt and hostility toward regular Americans. We made it through eight long years of the politicization and community organization of EVERY single aspect of American society.

We made it through eight long years of attacking our allies while embracing our enemies. We made it through eight long years of praising criminals while laying siege on law enforcement.

Can you believe it? It’s almost over!

There’s one thing that still concerns me though. Something that’s been pointed out several times over the years. It takes on a whole new meaning now. Perhaps Governor Sarah Palin said it best:

We will recover from Obama. The question is, how soon can we recover from the people who voted for him. Twice.

Thank God we’re the party in power now.

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THOMAS is an Editor at Conservatives4Palin, and Chairman of the Board for American Grizzlies United. Mr. Schmitz is a Southern California native based in Hollywood. Thomas’ controversial pop culture approach to modern politics delights supporters and offends critics. Mr. Schmitz has been described as, “culturally rebellious”, and a “rebel with a cause”.

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