The Truth Fairy’s Guide To The Golden Globes

Tonight several million people will watch The Golden Globes. Very few of these people actually understand what this Hollywood show is really about. The Truth Fairy is here to help.

Tonight’s winners of Golden Globes aren’t really winners. We’ll get to that in a minute.

First we need to understand the back story. The allusive and elite group of 90 people who choose the winners are members of The Hollywood Foreign Press Association. The HFPA was founded in 1943 by a small group of foreign journalists who merely wanted to hob knob with glamorous Hollywood movie and television stars.

For many years these shallow journalists were considered a joke in Hollywood. It wasn’t until the event was televised (and got good ratings) that the joke took a more serious tone. The gag was over as soon as Hollywood producers and studio executives realized that The Golden Globes was an opportunity to advertise and sell their products to a broader audience.

Most people would get a chuckle if they knew exactly who votes for tonight’s winners. Get a load of this! Tonight some of HFPA’s voters consist of a journalist who used to be an engineer in Egypt, a journalist who was a body builder in Russia, and an aging beauty queen from South Africa.

What we’re really watching tonight is a publicity stunt. The Golden Globes is a televised publicity stunt where Hollywood executives bribe members of the HFPA with lavish gifts, dinners, and access to Hollywood stars.

The winners tonight aren’t being awarded for their talent by any means. Quite the contrary. Tonight’s winners will be whoever had the best PR team seducing members of the HFPA with expensive souvenirs.

The Golden Globes rouse is best summed up by one of it’s former hosts. Ricky Gervais let the cat out of the bag several years ago when he hosted the show in 2012. Mr. Gervais announced to the horrified audience of Hollywood stars:

The Golden Globes are to the Oscars what Kim Kardashian is to Kate Middleton. Bit louder, bit trashier, bit drunker, and more easily bought,”


Enjoy the show!




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